The story​​​​​​​
The front side or the public side of the cult is very elegant and nice, but when you become a full member of this religious cult, you will see what they really believe. But they don’t let the public know what they truly all believe in. 
The cults belief is that God himself is a farmer of sorts and we are his cattle. They believe that when we died, we are shown to god, and he processes us and turns us into his food. His angels are just people that he had sown wings on them to make them more submissive to help him process the incoming people. The cult believes that if they sacrifice people in the name of him, god will eat that person and let the followers of the cult live an unnaturally long life. When they do die they will become gods angels to help him butcher man and then and only then they can taste the delicious meat that they hear so much about. Some members within the cult don’t want the unnaturally long life so they eat the sacrifice and pray to their god to take them soon so they can embrace him. 
The god that they pray to is not like a messed up version of the christen god, but their god is believed to be a mixture of many gods. Their god has been called many names throughout history and had small parts of it explained in different religions and myths.
 The gods that have been mistaken for someone else were a form of him or a small piece of him showing throw. These gods all dealt with death, afterlife, sacrifice, destruction, and even life.
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