"Demon Dreams" 29.5x24in Acrylic on Canvas 2019
"Balance" 35.5x24in Acrylic on Canvas 2019
"Majestic Stag" 40x30in Acrylic with Air Brush on Canvas 2019
"The Fallen Angel" 37x24in Acrylic on Burlap Folded Triangle 2019
"The Painted Lady " 20x16in Acrylic on Canvas 2019
"Screen Portrait" 20x16in Acrylic and oil on Canvas with Screen printed background 2018
"Butcher" 20x16in Acrylic and oil on Canvas 2018
"Oppenheimer" 20x16in Acrylic on Canvas ("I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.") 2018
"Sketchbook#?" 30x24.5in Acrylic, oil, and Marker on Wood 2019
"The Woman From the void" 22x28in Acrylic on Canvas 2020
"Untitled"  Acrylic on Wooden Tri-fold 2020

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